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Web design sri lanka

web design in sri lanka

Web design sri lanka

If you need an original corporate web design with a different touch, we are the solution you were looking for. unique and exclusive web design Sri Lanka.

  • Free accommodation for 1 year
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Email in Google Apps
  • HTML5 layout optimized for Google
  • Layout using valid CSS3 standards
  • Valid code in standard HTML and CSS W3C
  • Indexing in search engines
  • Integration with social networks Facebook
  • Advice for positioning in Google
  • Professional stock photos with usage rights

In addition you can take advantage now because with all our web projects we include, totally free, the following advantages. You can see more works of web design Sri Lanka in our gallery.

Mobile Web design Sri Lanka the technological evolution in mobile devices is a reality, every day are faster, connections provide higher download speed (3G / 4G) and Web browsing from them is more comfortable. That is why, if you have a business, you must consider seriously to adapt your website to mobile.

A Web is optimized for mobile phones when it reproduces and views, without problems, any resolution, even from a Tablet or Phablet. At present, after analyzing the Web statistics of our customers, we can confirm that 15% to 20% of visits are made from mobile terminals.

If your web presents problems to view it in small screens: an excessively small letter, a structure that forces horizontal and vertical shifts, photos with an un-optimized resolution, etc. It is certain that the user will leave your site in a few seconds or, worse, have a negative experience after browsing.

Last but not least (rather the opposite), we enter the field of web positioning. If you want your website to benefit from the best positioning and Google does not penalize it (it’s the only point that penalizes and Google has officially communicated) you must pass your Mobile Compatibility Test. To do this you have to optimize all the necessary factors so that your site is perfectly visible from all the devices.

At Webs multimedia we know how important a good positioning is and that is why we want to help you improve the website of your business. Contact us and we will be happy to study and evaluate the adaptation of your website to mobile phones without any commitment.

Free Web design Sri Lanka do you have your own company or are you responsible for the marketing department? Then you should know some of the main disadvantages that you will find in a free Web.

1. Design. In a free web you will always find templates. In most cases, you will be in charge of introducing texts, photos, titles … with poor management tools and not very versatile. The design of a Web is the showcase of your business on the Internet, an increasingly and more used means, using a template involves showing the market with the same face as do other hundreds of companies that have applied the same design as you. Originality and personality are important aspects to attract attention, to make a message memorable, in short, for your business to be effective on the Internet. In Webs multimedia, all our designs, are made from scratch, following the parameters and lines of design more consistent with your corporate identity.

2. Code. That great stranger. In Webs multimedia we always say that the code of a Web is like the engine of a car. No matter how good a site looks, the guts are the most important thing for optimum positioning. If you use templates, Google will penalize you for not complying with one of its basic rules: Original, unique and exclusive content.

3. Maintenance. Your business grows! That’s why you need to make sure your website is capable of doing so too. In Webs multimedia we use the most famous and powerful Framework on the market, WordPress, which, adorned with our custom designs, offer a borderless potential to: add languages, forums, news, galleries, or any other option you need.

First difference customer support, It is obvious that companies that offer web design so cheap, or almost free, need to sell a large volume of projects. This implies that, with a massive amount of customers, the only possible attention is to get on the phone with a telemarketer, fellow, commercial, etc. Who does not know who you are, does not know your business and does not care the least that you are in a hurry, problems or concerns. You will never get a personalized attention or an adequate technical level.

At Webs multimedia, on the other hand, we will only assist you with qualified technicians; Programmers, web designers and account managers who know the state of your project first hand. That’s why we get involved, we care that everything goes well and we offer you customized solutions. We advise you and listen to all your needs and requirements.

Does your Web have a bug? It has fallen? Do not the emails arrive? There is a big difference between waiting minutes and minutes after a musical thread, so that at the end you are served by a teleoperator who will note the programmer, and us, where you will directly speak with the person in charge. Do you want to save money? Then you should start by thinking about how to save time.

Second difference Web design Sri Lanka the difference is obvious, a company cheaper than us is not going to offer you a custom or custom design. So what do they do? Simply adapt a pre-designed structure used by thousands of other customers and only change photos and texts (which in the worst case you will have to do as well).

What do we offer? First, we listen to you. We need to know you, know your company, needs, philosophy, history … We need to be part of your business to design a Web that really fits what you need. You will supervise the step-by-step design, revisions, different proposals, several designers in the template so that the result is always to your liking.

Web design Sri Lanka third difference code the code of a web is what the engine for a car. It is the difference between quality and mediocrity. It is the great stranger of whom, later, everyone remembers. And why is it so important? The importance of the code is because it is the only thing a search engine can “see” in your project. Searchers like Google do not have eyes to see photos, logos or structures, so they stick to reading labels, texts and other parameters.

Do you know what happens when you make your website in a cheap company? That your staff has hundreds of other clients. Google compares, estimates that there is a pattern and will not value the contents of your project. It is for this reason that, many customers of mass companies, come to us saying that they do not appear in search engines and that there is no way to have an acceptable volume of visits.

At Webs multimedia we are concerned to accompany our best code designs. Updated with HTML5 and CSS3. Semantic, with labels that add value to your content. Usable, with degradable multimedia areas. The result is Webs that are positioned alone, accessible from any platform and that comply with all programming standards.

If you have already tried other companies in the sector, you have developed your website at a very low price (or even free), wasting time and therefore money, we offer you the solution to your problems.

Because we?

Web design Sri Lanka custom design At Webs multimedia we do not design web based templates. We make original and exclusive designs. More personality for your internet business.

Customized layout in HTML5 and CSS3 Having custom code improves your natural positioning in Google. The cheap web sites are based on cloned codes that affect the positioning of your business.

Professionals on the phone: No telemarketers who do not know who you are, no robots or answering machines. Only qualified personnel, professional web designers and programmers will assist you.

The price differences

Many are the companies that have trusted us for the development of their website and, over all these years, we have met with a lot of clients that came from big companies that made cheap web sites, free or through templates and that They never got visitors, natural positioning, sales or other goals that require a web business.

Being on the Internet is not just hanging the Web, that is no use, and is even worse when it comes to a template. You need an image according to your business, well built and designed to be positioned in the first pages, a design that is associated with your brand, follow its philosophy, policy and principles. You’ll never find it in such a cheap web.

Design blog

Web design Sri Lanka offer you the possibility of publishing your own content in a platform of authentic luxury. Custom, creative and original blog design.

  • Manageable news
  • RSS feed for Facebook and Twitter
  • Comment system
  • Contact Form
  • Manageable Categories
  • And many more advantages!

What we offer?

Exclusive, original and custom design: Without templates, we design customized Blogs of any subject; Fashion, aesthetics, art, music, sport, etc. Unique design that you will not see repeated anywhere else!

HTML5 Icon HTML5 and CSS3 layout: Following the most rigorous layout standards, we ensure that the custom design is perfect! Search engine optimized layout!

WordPress icon WordPress integration: Once the design and layout is done, we integrate the WordPress code so that all sections, news, categories and other information are administrable by you.

Frequent questions

How long does it take to finish my Blog?

Web design Sri Lanka use two to three business days to complete the design. Once you approve, we proceed with the layout. This phase lasts two days. Finally, we will need another day to implement WordPress and host the finished work. In short, if all goes well, we can have your website ready in just one week.

Exactly, what can I manage on my Blog?

News, news categories, sub-pages and moderate comments. Virtually all Blog content you can manage or moderate it from a private administration.

Can I link the Blog to social networks?

Yes, the Web will have an RSS system so that everything you publish, automatically, echo, for example, on Facebook. Automatically, we’ll teach you how to set it up!

Can I, in the future, expand my Blog?

Yes. WordPress is one of the most secure, widespread and versatile content managers of the moment. It has many options that will allow you to add new modules such as a catalog, virtual store, corporate sections, add languages, etc. to your blog.

Design banner

or an advertising campaign to achieve good results it is important to create attractive and effective banners. There are several formats and sizes. We adapt to your needs Experts in all the options!

  • Animated or static GIFs.
  • Static JPG.
  • Animated in Flash.

Creative Banners

If your company needs to promote a product or service on the Internet, you can do so by designing Banner Conceptualize in images or text the idea to be transmitted, so that the user is attracted toClick on the banner.

Icon of a clapper If the subject of the advertisement requires it, sometimes it is necessary to resort to animation for Attract the attention of the user. Web design Sri Lanka make high-quality animations using Flash or through Of Animated Gif’s. In the case of Flash, we can add music, video or sound effects.

Icon of a watch We take into account the final weight of the banner using optimization techniques, So that the download is fast and is adjusted to the maximum weights established for most web portals. We have animated examples, with 3D and transitions in less than 50KB!