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Graphic Design Sri Lanka.

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Marketing design

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What is graphic design ?

Using an applied art that combines text and images to communicate visually, graphic design is a profession and academic field focusing on projecting visual communications meant to send messages to social groups with particular aims.

What is the graphic design cost ?

This will come down to how much experience the graphic designer has and what kind of project it is. For example, a skilled web designer will likely charge more than a designer of flyers or menus. The cost of graphic design will depend on the designer’s experience, the number of revisions, the scope of the work, and the type of billing model you choose.

How to start a graphic design project ?

To start, go through the project brief to understand the activity. Perform sufficient study, think up an inventive notion, and draft the ideas. Finally, before presenting your ideas to the customer, be sure you have developed them to their full potential.

Why choose us ?

This approach assists you in increasing engagement and ensuring brand consistency across channels by defining your brand identity, planning your messaging, and creating your visual identity. The goal of branding (or rebranding) is to create a distinctive identity that will appeal to your audience. We will thoroughly understand your audience’s actions, goals, and expectations to achieve this.

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